Buzet to Villeton

Today we set off on our long awaited post-Covid cruise from Buzet port to Villeton, a 2.5 hour meander through bucolic farming landscapes, fruit trees and vines framed by magisterial Napoleonic plane trees.

At Villeton we find Oscar’s, with Portugese owners, a lively bar offering Cochon au Lait on a spitroast for Sunday lunch which is seriously tempting. We are perched next to the boules sandpit and will try if we can find a set at the next Vide Grenier. After a g and t (helped along by the ice machine working on overdrive ) we enjoyed Aveyronaise style Aligot with accompaniments of ratatouille and saucisson served with Dijon mustard, with a Bourgogne Aligote , followed by fromage St Augur with pears, flatbread biscuits and a Bordeaux rouge . Formidable!

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